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Membership Information

Membership in CARE has certain and definite advantages. The opportunity to exchange open and modern ideas and experiences with Spiritualists around the world is one of the most obvious and perhaps the most valuable advantages. How else can one keep up with new ideas and facts that have surfaced? Teachers with such worldwide exposure share their knowledge and often conduct workshops and seminars for our chartered churches.

CARE offers testing and credentials in several areas including: Ministerial, Mediumship, Healing, and Teaching. The ministerial credentials are legally recognized for performing marriages and other related activities.

There are other established and recognized Spiritualist groups which also offer some of what was mentioned above. So, based on these facts, why select CARE for your membership? The name says it all - we CARE!

Direct Individual Membership

If you are an individual and your church is not a chartered church of CARE, you can complete the application below to join CARE. CARE allows membership in other religious groups and denominations. Begin your path of spiritual study today in the CARE association of spiritualist teachings.

In order to download the Membership Application, you will need Adobe Acrobat. You can download it for free from the graphic below.

Click HERE to download application.

Chartered Churches

CARE offers church and camp charters to qualified applicants. If you are a new church or one that is interested in transferring your current charter from another organization; please send us a detailed email on the Contact Us page. We will be happy to discuss your current situation in strict confidence and mail you an Auxiliary Charter Application.

Learn how your church can gain the support of a progressive organization with a secure educational program and worldwide networking opportunities. CARE does not claim church assets, property or bank accounts, like other charting organizations. It's time that your church has its financial freedom and independece while being connected with a progressive thinking chartering organization that has in place, a recognized education and ordination program.

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