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A Prayer for Personal Healing

Dear Angel Loved Ones
I place myself in your care.
Pray for me; help me to know
That I need not face troubles alone.

Please join me in my need,
Asking God to send me consolation in
My sorrow,
Courage in my fear, healing in my
And gratitude for my many blessings.

Strengthen my faith in God's power,
And direct the powerful healing forces
To all of my needs.

Thank you dear spirits,
For the promise of hope you hold out
To all who believe and do their part.
Inspire me to give this gift of hope to Others
As it has been given to me.

A Universal Healing Prayer

Infinite Spirit and Angel Loved
Ones, please gather with us and
Spread your Healing Power
Around and through us.

We pray for the physically and
Emotionally ill, that You will
Restore them and make them
whole. We pray for the aged that
they may know a youthful, eager
state of well-being.

May Your Infinite Power dwell
Within humanity, fulfilling all
Needs and restoring all to
Perfect Peace, Harmony and Balance.
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